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DmC - Brothers by GreyRadian DmC - Brothers :icongreyradian:GreyRadian 364 78 DmC by AlexRestr DmC :iconalexrestr:AlexRestr 105 6 DMC Dante by LunaticStar DMC Dante :iconlunaticstar:LunaticStar 79 56

Vergil | Brother
This is your brother, both of you were separated and made to live as humans. Only until recently he found you and made you remember. Vergil your twin brother. You seem to pull most of the weight protecting the humans and killing the demons. But he is the brains and you respect that.. even though you are smarter and sexier then him.. "VERGIL YOU DON'T HAVE A BIGGER DICK EITHER!"

Kat | Ally
This is Kat, a specialized psychic medium. First impressions were good when you met her, you were completely nude, standing at your trailer door. She is fun to have around, Kat always seems to not stray to far from Vergil or himself. She helps with finding out more about your life and more about Mundus's plans. All you can say is that she is a good kid and is close to your heart.

Mundus | Enemy

Others | ???



Dante Sparda
United States
ooc Feeling like I should leave dA

"You can call me
'Dante the demon killer.' Has a nice ring to it,
don't you think?"

Name || Dante Sparda
|| snopaeW
Age || Twenty six
{Guns} yrovI & ynobE
Race || Nephilim (Demon Angel Spawn)
{Sword} noillebeR
Status || Currently being a badassmotherfucker
{Demonic Axe} retibrA
Eyes & Hair || Grey/blue & Black Hair
{Demonic Fist Guanlets} xyrE
City || Limbo City
{Angelic Scythe} sirisO
Colors || Red & Black
{Angelic Surikens} aliuqA
Family || Eva, Sparda, Vergil
{Shotgun} tnaneveR

Dante is the main character for the new game in the Devil May Cry series. He is a Nephilim, a demon and angel hybrid, having had his parents be two different creatures, Sparda being a Demon and his mother Eva being a Angel. In the game Dante is in a world influenced and controlled by demons, every corner of the world has demonic activity. Limbo City being the control center for Mundus the Demon King. Dante is shown to be nothing like the old Dante, not having white hair and and a more cool and calm demeanor. He tends to swear a lot at his demonic foes and even go to insulting them to piss the off more.

Dante is about six feet and a small scar just below his right eye. His eye color is more grey-blue and his hair is almost ebony black, with the sides of his head shaved, forming a mohawk out of the hair at the top of his head, tapering off into a point at the nape of his neck. His clothes consist of a black 3/4 length leather hooded jacket with red interior linings and the British Union Jack sewn on the left arm, a whitish gray tanktop, black fingerless gloves, faded black jeans, black military boots
The necklace he wears is the reminiscent of half the Perfect Amulet that features throughout the series. His sword is slung over his back favoring his left hand, and his pistols are placed in holsters at the back of his waist, under his coat.


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The rookie ODST looked all around him for what seemed to be hell. He alway knew the ODST motto was "Feet first into hell", but he didn't know that he was literally going into hell itself. I guess as much of a surprise he found that out, he began to question if he was really dead, or was he dreaming this while he was knocked unconscious by a plasma blast from those Covenant bastards. Then he began to look back at his past life, seemingly trying to figure out what wrong he had done to deserve this afterlife.
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